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I took my last AP yesterday. EVER. It was exhilirating.

I had a lot of visions of what yesterday would be like. I had imagined it for days, weeks, months, YEARS. What would it be like to finally be on that mysterious other side?

A little sniffly, actually. My body was able to hold up throughout the school year, and it finally let out at the end of yesterday. I got sick. Ewww sicky beast. BUT, it’s not all bad because I am free. I had three free periods today and I checked my email leisurely. I still have other stuff to do, loose ends to tie up, and 2 1/2 classes to attend, but I have much more time to do it. Yay! The other side is quite lovely.

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Return to Routine

After having been out for two weeks, this day was especially long. The holiday break is now over, and we have jumped head first into the cold waters of the school cycle again. Finals are in a week (ugh, I know it’s awful having them after break) and teachers are not letting any time go to waste.

8:15 started bleary eyed with four poems by Emily Dickinson.
12:15 welcomed a much-needed free period.
By about 1:45 I was ready for a nap. Pathetic.

In the midst of my wallowing and my seeming dread for school to start, I do appreciate the schedule and activity involved in the school day. I feel productive , where before I felt sluggish. I feel active where I previously did nothing. There’s nothing like getting things done, something that just doesn’t happen as often during the holidays. Speaking of getting things done…need to go finish my English homework.

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