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I took my last AP yesterday. EVER. It was exhilirating.

I had a lot of visions of what yesterday would be like. I had imagined it for days, weeks, months, YEARS. What would it be like to finally be on that mysterious other side?

A little sniffly, actually. My body was able to hold up throughout the school year, and it finally let out at the end of yesterday. I got sick. Ewww sicky beast. BUT, it’s not all bad because I am free. I had three free periods today and I checked my email leisurely. I still have other stuff to do, loose ends to tie up, and 2 1/2 classes to attend, but I have much more time to do it. Yay! The other side is quite lovely.

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Driving with Cats

On Sunday we were driving in a suburb/farmland/rural sort of town. Think small town with lots of farms. I offered to drive because, well, I’m nowhere near where I should be in terms of driving ability and amount of time I’ve had my license. We had to turn off the main road, but this consisted of a  very narrow country road. The speed limit was 40mph, but I was afraid to go over 30. I honestly thought I was going to turn off the road and land us in a ditch. Fortunately,  we made it to our destination. My dad jumped out to open the gate, and I rolled in to park. Unfortunately, the barn cat decided to saunter in front of the car and I panicked (like I hadn’t done that enough yet driving down those roads). So I stopped the car. And then my dad starting laughing. I was so afraid of running over the cat that I didn’t know it had left.  

I’m a very cautious driver. I was so afraid of doing something that the problem itself passed over altogether.

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