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Summer in Winter

So it’s the middle of winter and I start craving lemon.
And then I start craving lemon bars.
shoot again.
So what do I do?
That’s right…make lemon bars.
…”But lemons aren’t in season”
But I really wanted lemon bars so I tried an experiment. They don’t really replace the lemony tanginess of a real lemon, nor do they have the extra layer of flavor from the zest, but they taste like lemon bars for the most part. I don’t really have a recipe, so the lemon part was too sugary (like crunchy sugary-is that supposed to happen?). I think another egg or egg yolk would help emulsify the lemon batter.

Instead of using the juice of a lemon, I replaced over 1/4 of the sugar with lemonade powder. I’m probably breaking some culinary law-either that or a famous chef has just passed out on the floor. But that’s the beauty of baking-it can be as scientific or artistic as you want it to be.

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