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Unfortunately, before junior year started, I had to get rid of my old one polycarbonate water bottle in favor of a BPA-free bottle. I stared at the wall of bottles at REI, with all the colors and styles that I could ever imagine. Stainless steel? Copolyester? One liter? 12 oz? I settled on the Nalgene Everday OTG Water Bottle in blue and it worked well, from my trip to Yosemite to the classroom. The flip cap is convenient, but if dropped it can open and spill. Which it has. (Sometimes in your physics class when everything else is quiet.)

I bought the water bottle in the first place because I cringe at the idea of throwing away plastic bottles every day when I know there’s a better option. I admit, I use them occasionally, but usually because I won’t have a place to clean my water bottle or get clean water. This year, just about everyone has the camelbak with the bite valve in every color imaginable, including the ones with designs. We might as well be a walking Camelbak ad. (Not that it’s a problem. I love the brand and my bottle). It started with the tennis team, then the volleyball team, and almost overnight I saw replicas of the bottle in every class. I’m glad that there will be less plastic waste, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s just a trend that will go just as fast as it came.

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Merry Xmakjh

I hope your Christmas was fabulous. If you don’t celebrate it, I hope your December 25th was nice and wintery.

I made pancakes in the morning. Snowman pancakes, to be exact.
Snowman pancake

In the afternoon I made gingerbread cookies. Because my oven is temperamental, I overbaked them and they need to take a swim in the milk pool before being eaten. Flavor-wise, they’re delightful and they made the kitchen smell so Christmas-ey!
The icing is royal icing with a drop of liquid green food coloring.
Gingerbread heartsI

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Hi there. Nice to meet you.

Hi. M here. This is my space, my online journey for the crazy trials of lemon bars and life.
Important things that may or may not matter to you:

1. I’m in high school-I can’t say which one, but it’s totally unique. We have a flat screen TV in the main area and we used to have a fooseball table. We have a couch in the locker room that’s icky as a New York gutter. I’ve gained at least ten pounds since I have arrived, but I guess it’s okay because so has everyone else. I wear a uniform and go to school in a beautiful building that overlooks the city. I’ve been here for way too long but I know I’ll miss it when I leave.
2. I love baking. I guess I’ve been inspired to have this blog because every other baker has one too. I am hoping to keep a journal of everything that has come out of the oven (except maybe the flan disaster of August) to remember.
3. I’m a dork. Not in a live-in-a-cave-with-no-friends type of way, but I like knitting and doing craft projects. I don’t wear mascara because I hate taking it off.
4. I ramble. Have you noticed that yet?

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